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The classic side plank is one of the best exercises you can do: It works your entire core, but particularly targets an often weak muscle called the quadratus lumborum (the QL).

The benefit: You’ll reduce your risk for lower back pain, improve your sport and look better than ever.

Here Flavio share a few tips on how to improve your side plank, to book a reformer pilates class with Flavio at Hackney, E8 click here> or WC2 Covent Garden/ Gymbox click here>


To book a reformer pilates class with Flavio at London Fields, E8 click here> or WC2 Covent Garden/ Gymbox click here>


Breathing in Pilates is important to help concentrate and move fluidly throughout the exercises. According to Pilates Anatomy book by Rael Izacowitz "the benefits range from enhanced relaxation and decreased stress to lowered blood pressure, improved focus, activation of specific muscles, better circulation and respiration, and even lowered risk for cardiovascular disease."

One of the breath patterns used in class is: Lateral Breathing "emphasises the lateral expansion of the rib cage while maintaining a consistent contraction of the deep abdominal muscles. Performing Pilates exercises which keep a stable core is important for successful performance and for protection of the body."

To book a class with Flavio at London, E8 - Hackney or WC2 - Covent Garden/ Gymbox studio, click here> 

What is your favourite song from a TP playlist?

– October 2013 playlist


• What is your favourite London spot?

I live in East London and spend a great deal of time with friends, and sometimes by myself, at Broadway Market. It's a great place to meet people, eat and have a good time.

• What is your top fitness or health tip?

Never say: "I can't do it". No matter how hard it seems to be, if you train you'll get there. Challenge yourself. Set goals. Achieve them.

• Why do you like Tempo Pilates?

The studio is cool with a nice atmosphere, the students are fantastic and the music is a great kick throughout the classes.

• When you're not at Tempo Pilates, what do you do?

I'm currently furthering my studies in Pilates and anatomy. I also train hard! As a former gymnast I focus on strength training using my body weight, and also flexibility and balance spending long hours in handstand variations.


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